Thanks to All for Heavyfest!

img_4558 Last Saturday Magic Hat hosted Heavyfest at the Artifactory and brewery. Six bands played, Jah Red spun between bands, Tooth painted the Big Heavy World van, Ben & Jerry's gave out ice cream, the beer truck served Big Heavy Wheat (and sold out!), Magic Hat gave brewery tours, the Big Heavy crew cooked BBQ all day, and somehow we had pure sunshine and blue skies through it all. It was a magic, perfect day of music and good company - THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible! Special luv and thanks to Dani Gleason of Magic Hat and Justin Hoy of Halogen. They made the magic happen. Heloise & The Savoir Faire, Rustic Overtones, Japhy Ryder, Waylon Speed, Casio Bastard, Pariah Beat and Jah Red - we love you!

Heavyfest raised over $5,000 to support Big Heavy World. Find more photos on the Magic Hat Facebook page, and look for Eva Sollberger's Stuck In VT video blog at Seven Days today!

Heavyfest wouldn't have been possible without its sponsors, the businesses that support having FUN to support Big Heavy World: Catalyst Design; Ben & Jerry's; RMB Sound, WIZN The Wizard; 99.9 The Buzz; Seven Days; Advance Music Center; Nectar's; Avalon Tent Company; Shearer Chevrolet; Hannaford's; and Price Chopper. Thank you to all!