The Grift on 'Tazday Twilight Blues' 5/10/11

22 Words by Julie Jay Seger. Photos by Sam Donnelly.

Vermont rock & roll band The Grift joined the 'Tazday Twilight Blues' show 5/10/11 to play some older tunes and selections of their newest album, 'Doppelganger.' With Peter Day on upright bass and vocals, Clint Bierman on guitar and vocals, and Jeff Vallone also on upright bass and percussion, The Grift rocked the radiator airwaves with their shreddin' solos and poppy grooves. The Grift has a rock & roll vibe with a slightly lighter edge. They've been classified as an "energized Guster," a fair call given The Grift's literate lyrics and vibrant vocal harmonies. They're also keen on using every possible medium to make music; Jeff used the upright bass to add beats to the acoustic set.

You can catch The Grift on May 19th at Nectar's for 'Rubber Revolver... A Tribute To Two Quintessential Beatles Albums.' They'll also be playing their own stuff May 20th at City Limits Nightclub in Vergennes. For more gigs, music and information, hit up Thanks to Peter, Jeff, and Clint for burning down the house on the 'Tazday Twilight Blues' show, hosting incredible local musicians every Tuesday from 8 to 9 P.M. on 105.9 FM The Radiator.

Here are the tracks you heard from The Grift on the 'Tazday Twilight Blues' show:

1) The Grift, "Welcome" (Live)

2) The Grift, "Whiskey Waves" (Live)

3) The Beatles, "Taxman" (Live)

4) The Grift, "Stay In Bed" (Live)

5) The Grift, "Check One" (Live)


Peter, Jeff and Clint posing in the Green Room at Big Heavy World.


Peter and Clint getting warmed up before performing.