The Root Center Presents Jazz For Peace 4/30/11!

9 Co-directors of The Root Center Dave, Erin, Jeremy and Robin at Jazz for Peace, 4/30/11

Words and Photos by Julie Jay Seger

Co-directors of The Root Center Erin, Jeremy, Robin and Christoph joined Robert Ready, host of 'Brunchtime with Good Company' on Sunday 4/24 to discuss The Root Center's positive and wide ranging mission, their exciting projects in the works, and the Jazz for Peace concert that benefited The Root Center April 30th at Halvorson's Upstreet Cafe on Church Street in downtown Burlington. 105.9 FM The Radiator and Halogen Media were proud sponsors of the Jazz for Peace benefit concert.

Founded in 2009, The Root Center is a community-run non-profit organization dedicated to "the easement of the basic stressors of human life (providing food, water, shelter, energy and community) through the intelligent application of simple technologies, thereby building a cornerstone for a worldwide network of abundance to give every human being the time and dignity to lead fulfilling lives and elevate the quality of life for all."

To achieve this mission, The Root Center has partnered with the National Gardening Association to grow over 3,000 pounds of organic produce on a mere tenth of an acre of land. This remarkable yield went to local charities like the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf to help those in need. "We're here to get good nutritious food out to the people. Anything we can give we'll be sharing. Anyone is welcome to come and learn more about gardening or and other ways to empower ourselves. We run on love." says Erin.

The Root Center is a pioneer in using geodesic dome structures to extend the natural growing season using passive energy systems. The domes sustain year-round growth despite Vermont's chilly winters, posing potential to revolutionize organic and sustainable farming around the world. By running different solar and wind power systems, the geodesic domes are a promising step toward addressing every human's survival needs: "We haven't figured out how to make water run uphill yet, but we're working on it." said Jeremy.

After acquiring their own land, The Root Center envisions building a "creativity campus" to serve as a site for growing domes, events, concerts, educational speakers and more to further their goal of fostering community. Robin elaborated: "Ideally, we would offer tools for anyone to come use and learn about to move toward our goal of maximizing human creative potential."

So what can you do to support The Root Center? "Come out and support our fund-raising events or get involved in garden work days throughout the preparation, planting, growing and harvesting process," says Christoph, a.k.a. local producer FACE-ONE. Christoph was also the organizing force behind Seeds of Change, an event held Thursday 4/28 at Parima. "One day I had the idea for Seeds of Change as a gathering of minds in our local community. The event showcases local art, poetry, music and DJs. It's a chance to connect to each other with open hearts and open minds, all running off the power of positivity."

Thanks to Robert Ready, host of the 'Brunchtime with Good Company' show happening every Sunday from 1 to 2 P.M. on 105.9 FM The Radiator. Additional thanks and support to Jeremy, Erin, Robin, Dave and Christoph for sharing the good work of The Root Center and all they do to support our local community and those in need.


Photo from the 800th Jazz for Peace benefit concert with international Jazz keyboardist and composer Rick DellaRatta, Clyde Stats on upright bass, and Jeff Salisbury on drums. Please visit The Root Center or Jazz for Peace for more information on either of these inspiring organizations!