Villanelles on 'Rocket Shop' 4/27/11

16 Words by Julie Jay Seger. Photo by Sam Donnelly.

The men of garage rock band Villanelles hung out on 'Rocket Shop' this week to discuss the band and their brand new e.p. 'Kiss My Grits.' Coming off the August 2010 release of their debut self-titled album, 'Villanelles', the Champlain College rockers earned a local following, nabbing the 2010 Seven Daysies Best New VT Band Award. The quartet includes Tristan Baribeau on guitar and vocals, Zane Gundersen on keys and vocals, Seth Gundersen on drums and vocals, and Evan Borden on bass.

On where the band has been and where they're going, Tristan reflected: "We've been around for a while and we've been friends for a long time, really enjoying what we're doing together. We're what is known as a brother band, and it works well for us, we're all about the brotherly love. This e.p. showcases us at the height of our evolution. We started out playing bouncy folk tunes and over time we got into more spacey psychedelic stuff. Now Villanelles have found a place in garage rock, the real rock n' roll. Everything got especially tightened up when we brought on Seth as our new drummer in the summer of 2009."

Villanelles recorded 'Kiss My Grits' last June, live in the studio as part of Burlington City Arts "Jazzlabs" series. After some final tinkering in their own basement studio, Villanelles celebrates the release of 'Kiss My Grits' this Friday 4/29 at Signal Kitchen Studios at 71 Main Street in downtown Burlington with Ryan Power and Diamond Tiger.

"This album is about having fun, being yourself, letting it all hang out and enjoying it. We encourage anyone looking for a good time to check out the album release party and support Villanelles!" Thanks to the men of Villanelles, Tristan, Zane, Seth and Evan for stopping by 'Rocket Shop' on 105.9 FM The Radiator.

'Rocket Shop' Playlist:

1) Villanelles, "Serial Killer Whale"

2) Villanelles, "Kiss My Grits"

3) Villanelles, "Parking Lot"

4) Villanelles, "Sway by Design"

5) Villanelles, "Summertime Hit"