Elephants Of Scotland At the Monkey House April 16, 2011

Words by Tim Lewis.

I have a new favorite Burlington band. Elephants of Scotland blew me away last night!! They played some serious progressive rock! You could hear the Crimson, Yes, Genesis, etc influences, but all of their songs were wholly intact and original. Wow, what a show!!!!!!!!!!

Opener Lefty and the Leftouts played a set of Rush. He was just one guy singing and playing guitar over pre-recorded drums and keys. He played Spirit of Radio and Red Barchetta and Analog Kid and Subdivisions. It was a sight to behold!

Pooloop came on after Elephants (Lefty opened the show) and were cool. It was a bit hard to get into after the stunning Elephants set. Not a bad night for $5!!

Elephants of Scotland “We’re finished the writing stage. We got: “Home Away From Home,” “Starboard,” “Unnatural Science,” “The Other Room,” “The Seed,” “Errol McSquisitor,” “Transparent Planet,” and “Full Power” (and maybe one or two others).”

Elephants of Scotland.

“Ornan McLean, the world-infamous drummer of the Dirty Blondes describes the show as ‘eight original, eight-minute songs of sonic bombast, grandiose arrangements, roundhouse drum fills, power chords and synthesizers,'” says Diane. “How could I miss that?” Saturday, April 16, 9 p.m. at Monkey House in Winooski. $4.

7 Days had this to say before the show:

Band Name of the Week: Elephants of Scotland. Not only does new local prog-rock band Elephants of Scotland boast my favorite name on this week’s docket, keyboardist Adam Rabin sent my second favorite email. In it he writes, “I realize that admitting to a music writer that we’re a prog-rock band is akin to handing him a rifle while wearing a target and antlers. But there it is. We’re prog-rock. Our rehearsals tend to run late because we’re constantly sidetracked by conversations about Yes, Rush, Genesis, King Crimson and, weather permitting, Asia.” Awesome. The band makes its debut performance this Saturday at the Monkey House with Pooloop and — wait for it — one-man Rush-tribute act Lefty and the Leftouts.


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