Alex Rosenkrantz Joins Big Heavy Crew to Manage VT Jukebox Project!

1 Big Heavy World welcomes Champlain College Senior Alex Rosenkrantz who will lend her video and organizational talents as manager of the Vermont Jukebox Project, an exciting BHW initiative that brings Vermont music to highway Visitor Information Centers around the state. Offering local artists the chance for their music to be heard by travelers, locals, and new ears in general, the Jukebox Project is an exciting idea that Alex is helping bring to life.

Currently the Jukebox Project is enlisting local artists who want their music heard at Welcome Centers, with a goal of 50 new artists involved by the end of April. Alex works hard by connecting with bands, organizing and archiving music and spending lots of quality time at Big Heavy World, of course! Not that Alex minds, "Big Heavy is such an ambient, aesthetic place. It's the greatest spot for me to get work done while listening to an incredible range of music. You can meet so many great people here, everyone is so nice. It's unconventional but in a great way."

Studying mass communications major at Champlain, Alex is into "everything" when it comes to music. "Anything in the realm of Billie Holidae, Blues, R&B, and old-school hip-hop acts like The Far Side. I've also been getting into stuff I hear at Big Heavy; it's great to be exposed to new music that way." Thanks again to Alex for contributing her time and skills to benefit Big Heavy World and the VT Jukebox Project!