Dum Dum Girls At Metronome March 1, 2011

Words by Tim Lewis.

In checking out tonight’s Metronome offering, I made it several seconds into Dum Dum Girls first song on their MySpace page, before deciding I am definitely going to check them out tonight!!


The Dum Dum Girls were a lot of fun last night. It’s nice to have Metronome nicely filled on a Tuesday.

Minks were on second and carved out some ground between Stars and The Hero Cycle. They did not completely blow me away, but they had moments.

Dirty Beaches was a guy with a guitar and lots of loops and effects. He had moments but it’s hard to really get the music flowing until a few people bounce ideas and notes off each other. The guy wanted to start in the middle of The End or When the Music’s Over, but to really do that you have to bring me there, not just start sounding that way.

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