Meet Oopey Mason, Radiator DJ

oopey-mason Hailing from the rough streets (gravel and the like) of Charlotte, Vermont, Oopey has his sights set on the glitz and glam, the humanity insanity, the white knuckle ride that is Low Power Community Radio.  After a torrential career as a Uni student in Vancouver, BC he has both enjoyed and loathed various stints of staying put and wandering across the US, Canada, and Asia. His resume is confusing and utterly without logic, so why not add Radio DJ to the Volunteer section, eh? Sorry the Canadian times slip out on occasion. Fer sher. In his free time/"freelance" time, he can be found around town, camera in tow, getting very paid and/or not getting even a little paid to flex his art degree. His weekly show 'Queen City Bingo' is an ADHD descent into format slap-dashery and musical hodge-podgery. Japanese Speed Metal to Bubble Gum Pop, Rockabilly to Trip Hop, you never know where the wheel will stop. Sometimes he rhymes and only realizes it after, then congratulates himself for his ability to be clever/obnoxious by accident. So tune in, and be ready to mess about with the volume knob. It is very good for you. Like yoga for your ears. Yea Yoga… That's the ticket.