242 Main 25th Anniversary Show

42 Photos and words by Justin Landau.

Attending 242 Main's 25th anniversary show was a real treat and a pleasure. 11 Bands performed, ranging in genres and age, showing the breadth of fans and artists 242 Main attracts. Each performance was full of pulsating energy and excitement, and it was easy to tell the appreciation the artists had for 242 as a venue, and their love of the music. Each act thanked Richard for hosting the event, and ranged from young teens to older musicians who had attended 242 shows in their own youth. The fans were wonderful, full of energy, and provided an electric atmosphere. One performance that truly struck me was Crucial Times set. As soon as they stepped on stage, a buzz could be felt around the entire building. Their set was full of raw emotion and energy that gave me goosebumps throughout the whole set.

After the show ended, my ears were left ringing the entire walk home. It was an excellent time, and showed the range of talented musicians that the Burlington area is host to. 242 was a great venue for the show, and though it is relatively small, the air surrounding it is very positive and intimate. Once again, Big Heavy World would like to wish 242 Main a happy 25th anniversary, and if you get the chance, you should definitely check out a show in this wonderful venue.



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