New Radiator DJ Nick McClung

2 Words by Julie Seger, Photos by Justin Landau

The Radiator welcomes new DJ Nick McClung to the airwaves. Nick's show will feature a variety of musical genres ranging from punk, folk, hip-hop, jazz, reggae, and more. With his musical tastes spanning 'everything,' Nick's show will feature music that promotes social roots, deep emotions, and political change. With his show on The Radiator, Nick hopes "to continue to make links in the community on a revolutionary basis, and inspire others to challenge the status quo by airing the words and work of others who are not able to reach through mainstream media outlets."

Nick has worked on freelance radio projects like "Out of Control,"  a critical look at the 2010 Winter Olympics and its impact on poverty, homelessness, land disputes with natives, and other issues normally glossed over in the spectacle of the games. He's also done work on community collective Freak Radio, which focuses on social activism and music from artists speaking out against exploitation and oppression.

For his Radiator program, Nick is offering "a place for people who are on the fence, in the closet, or feeling alienated to have a broadcast that inspires them to get out in the world and meet people with similar interests. People can hear and say, " YES, I'm not alone in this!" and have a good time learning about all the different issues facing the people of this world and their creative response to crisis." Featuring the work of Burlington musicians, activists, and otherwise interesting inhabitants, Nick's show will include both live and pre-taped interviews along with performances.

"I want to remind folks that changing the system is going to take a lot of art, a lot of music, and a lot of colors and languages to be significant and lasting." As Nick's work undeniably contributes to this endeavor, be sure to check out his show coming soon to 105.9 FM The Radiator.