Meet Richard Siday, Host of 'The Cabaret Voltaire'

3 Words by Julie Seger. Photo by Justin Landau.

The Cabaret Voltaire is coming soon to the Radiator!  Richard will host the show which aims to be an audio collage. Using a pastiche of threaded music, Richard plans to create different layers of sound ranging from "antiquity to contemporary, to obscure to surreal." Richard also aims to invite local artists onto the show to perform. Using live feed electronics and digital techniques, The Cabaret Voltaire will be a true artistic uprising. The title of the show was inspired by the Dadaists, a movement of artists in Europe during World War I who rebelled against the modern world using literature, visual art, theater and more.

Richard recently moved to Burlington from New Jersey. His range of influences reach as far as the eye can see, with Richard's father being a major influence who continually introduces him to new styles and artists from all over the world. After hearing so much from our sound-bite and TV culture, Richard implements a variety of these unique and unusual sounds in his work. One of his pieces includes the theme from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"  and merges with a Portishead tune, "Cowboys". Be sure to explore more of Richard's creations on the Cabaret Voltaire, coming soon to WOMM-LP  105.9FM The Radiator.