Moroccan Visitors At Big Heavy World

116 Words By Justin Landau. Photos by Jim Lockridge.

Recently on the Radiator, DJ Jah Red invited a group of Moroccan delegates onto his show during their visit to Big Heavy World and The Radiator. Eli Harrington, Program Director of the International Visitor Leadership Program of the Vermont Council on World Affairs helped to organize the delegates' visit to Burlington. The delegates are brought to America to learn about the country under the structure of professional programs. These delegates from Morocco are specifically learning about the management of nonprofit organizations that provide youth services. The five delegates had different occupations, ranging from a law student, a teacher, an I.T manager and an economic minister.

The Vermont Council On World Affairs is affiliated with the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, which linked up Big Heavy World with the Moroccan visitors. The VCWA focuses on working with business, community, and academic leaders in order to assess globalization in response to changing political landscapes. This is done by hosting groups from all over the world, and showing them the way things are run locally and nationally.

The IVLP played host to the visitors, and brings over 4,000 visitors from all over the world each year to the United States. Since its creation in 1940 over 290 former or current Chiefs of State and Head of Governments have visited the U.S. through the program. These visitors are able to both learn about their professional interests, and the United State's foreign policy goals, while experiencing American culture.

Big Heavy World would like to thank our Moroccan visitors for a very special time, and extend our appreciation to them for appearing live on Jah Red's show in The Radiator. For more information about the international visitor leadership program, contact Eli Harrington at