Being There: Fink and Free Louis

freelouis Words by Justin Landau. Photo by Juliet Degree.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Fink and Free Louis show at Nectars this past Wednesday. It was a great atmosphere, and the crowd was full of friends and fans. Free Louis played first, and were excellent. Experimenting for the first time with vocals, their set was powerful and great. It was easy to tell the band were having a great time while playing, and the music showed it, playing lively and energetic songs.

After Free Louis finished their set, Fink set up the stage and began their set. Like Free Louis, Fink are a group of excellent musicians and can tell they truly love playing music together. Eric, Fink's drummer had a great solo that lasted around 3 minutes, and played solid the entire night. Billy, the guitarist, excellent as always, wowed everyone I spoke to after the show (credit michael). As per usual, Fink played their cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It", which the crowd went crazy for. Both acts were great, and next time they are playing in town everyone should be sure not to miss it.

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