Rocket Shop 7/14/2010: Japhy Ryder, DLabrie

Japhy Ryder in the Radiator studio. Tonight our guests in the studio for Rocket Shop, Big Heavy World's local music radio hour, were Japhy Ryder and DLabrie. Crewgrrrrl Juliet Degree interviewed Japhy Ryder, and Jim talked with DLabrie about Manifestivus, his shows with Black Sheep, and how positive he found Vermont to be for music.

The music we played:

DLabrie, "Avatar"

DLabrie, "Live Strategies"

Japhy Ryder, "Das Gutt"

Japhy Ryder, "Broher, Be"

Japhy Ryder, "Can' Do It"

Japhy Ryder, "Gina's Kitchen"

Rocket Shop broadcasts live every Wednesday 8-9pm on 105.9FM and at

DLabrie from Oakland, CA