Indigo Ruth Davis Interviewed

indigo2web Words by Michael Fecher

Photo by Juliet Degree

Visiting the Radiator to promote a documentary about Vermont (in progress) and its hidden treasures, Indigo Ruth Davis was generous enough to play a Bach piece on cello featured in the movie as well as sit down for a brief interview with Big Heavy World.

Straight out of Middlesex, Vermont, Indigo has been playing the cello for over a decade. Early in his career, he was fortunate enough to play part in the soundtrack of a Gus Van Sant movie loosely based on the final days of Kurt Cobain. Indigo has previously played in several bands and has often performed at weddings. Indigo has no particular plans for the future of his music, although he picks up projects whenever he can.

Indigo was contacted to participate in the making of the documentary’s soundtrack by Peg Tassey, music supervisor for the documentary, 'The Vermont Movie.'

Indigo plans to submit at least one original cello piece, as well as some non-originals including Bach, Fiorne, and Michael Chorney (who will also contribute some pieces to the soundtrack). Indigo Ruth Davis is a hidden Vermont treasure who’s cello playing is both gorgeous and untainted.