We're Wired. Hooked up. Connected.

Big Heavy World is thinking – and planning – large-scale: We’re currently in the process of plugging in to Burlington’s music scene with a network of live concert-streaming computers all over the city. This project has been in the works since we began broadcasting concerts online from Club Toast in 1996... and the slow train has arrived! The first setup is installed now at the Firehouse Gallery on Church Street, just in time to start streaming JazzLab live next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (2-6pm) as part of WOMM-LP The Radiator’s media sponsorship of the Discover Jazz Festival. Thanks to the extensive efforts of volunteer engineer Brian Bittman, grant support from the State of Vermont and help from Small Dog Electronics who all came together to help us get a new server, you’ll be able to listen in real time to the recording sessions taking place those days:

MONDAY JUNE 7th – yoUSAy Placate A contemporary, piano fusion trio that exemplifies the future of contemporary jazz music.

TUESDAY JUNE 8th – MANUAL MOON An electric boog-a-groove-inspired' quartet playing original compositions contributed by each member of the band

WEDNESDAY JUNE 9th – The VillanellesThe next streaming setups will be at the Skinny Pancake and Radio Bean. Concerts at those venues will be streamed live on the bigheavyworld.com, and The Radiator is dedicating times on Fridays and Saturdays to simulcast shows happening at the reserved times.

The new streaming computers are re-purposed Macs running Linux and feeding sreams to servers operating on Burlington Telecom's network in the Big Heavy World office. We're good at reducing/re-using/recycling - and we're doing it to bring local music to the world!

Big Heavy World and The Radiator care about the power of a populace, coming together to support the ideas, music and voices that represent us all. Big Heavy World and The Radiator's live streaming setup also makes the voices and music of our community available for everyone to hear and enjoy, online and on the radio. We like to think of this as our version of “two-way” radio.