Interview with Ghosting (Haiti Benefit This Thursday)

ghostingforbhw Words by Sarah Ward

Photo by Jessica Lynne McDermott

I had the pleasure of sitting down to some tea a week ago with Tyler Daniel Bean and Matthew Magnuson of Ghosting, a scream-o/hardcore band based out of Burlington, VT. We chatted a bit about their revolving door of guitarists, what it means to “ghost”, and their upcoming benefit show.

Do you guys want to introduce yourselves?

M: I'm Matthew and I do vocals. T: And I'm Tyler and I play the bass and do vocals as well.

…and are there other members?

M: Jared Cryan, and we have older members Ty Tonkin shortly, Tony Murphy, Justin Campbell, Tim Adams… P.J. Bonds.

T: Well, PJ bonds was a stand in guitarist for us

The name of the band is ghosting? T: The name of the band is Ghosting.

What does that mean?

M: we had someone rip apart our entire 7’’ and was like, “Oh ghosting is about this and that…” and we were like, “No. Not at all.”

T: The original meaning of ghosting is supposed to be this existential view of living and you know -- you're living with no hopes, no faith, no… anything. Just kind of going through life as this figure that doesn't interact or care.

Then the other meanings that we've heard over the course of the year and a half are… ghosting is a drug-related activity. We came across this game show online and their idea of ghosting is running or walking behind someone for as long as possible without being notice, and being as close as you can be to them. And then, [there’s] ghost riding the whip.

How would you describe the kind of music that you play?

T: It's been described as mid-west screamo. It's kind of late 90's/early 2000 influenced scream-o. with a lot of really downtempo influence.

M: …with stoner parts.

List some bands that have influenced you:

T: Jerome's Dream, Old Man Gloom, Takaru, Funeral Diner, Celeste, City of Caterpillar, Daitro.

Anyone you're trying to sound like? T: No we kind of lost that a long time ago.

How long have you guys been together?

T: A year and a half now?

M: I mean, ghosting goes further back than that.

T: Ghosting goes for a year and a half. Before that was Follow Machines with Joe Brostine. Follow Machines was a metal-core outfit, really artsy kind of craft-core.

M: Tyler went away to school and it all kind of fell apart and the remaining members wanted to do something that wasn't metal-core driven.

How did you guys meet?

T: Through Joe Beaulieu, I was friends with Joe and hung out with him. So sometimes we would do Joe's radio show together and just hang out. We got really close when we went to go see Owen together in Boston.

M: …and that was pretty much when you were talking about needing a new vocalist.

So it's kind of a long and complicated history...

T - Haha, yeah, and it's been interesting since then too. We quickly put together 6 songs, recorded them over in Maine at Andrew's Lane studio (which is now moved to Mass) got those back and put out a 10'' record and went on tour for that. After the tour we started our revolving door of guitarists. We haven't been overly active since last July.

M - We've just given up on finding a guitarist. We're just happy with that because it's not going to continue on much longer… cause I'm moving.

Who play guitar in your band?

M: Well Tyler mainly writes the guitar riffs and I'll sit down with him and give him my input.

T: ...but it's pretty much a revolving door of guitarists um, we’ve had five guitarists, a touring guitarist, and we've played a couple shows with just bass drums and vocals.

Would you say that's it's really worked out?

M: No, super sloppy.

T: But we have these double, full stack bass equipment, every time, and it's loud as balls.

You guys have a show coming up on the 13th of May with Ruiner and Unrestained at 242 Maine, are you guys facing the same sort of questions about your guitarist?

M: We have one person who's said that he definitely would play. Tony, the original guitar player who was in Ghosting when it was Follow the Machines. He can definitely pick up the music easily, he’s a good guitar player.

Do you guys still want to carry on Ghosting into whatever it's next reincarnation is after Matt moves?

M: Well we talked about being on hiatus and just writing music while I'm down in Asheville and then when I visit we can record and play a few shows. But it's all kind of up in the air.

Any big projects in the works?

M: Right now we have 3 songs fully recorded that are being mastered for splits that we're supposed to be putting out. The band has a split 7-inch coming out with PJ Bonds by the end of the summer.

T: We also have another split that's supposed to be coming out with a band from Florida called, "Great Friend of Mine" and that was supposed to come out on a local record label called "I'm not your dentist."

M: We've got three or 4 other songs that we're gonna record before we're on hiatus. And that will happen before I move in October.

So, would it be safe to say that this May 13th show is the last definite thing Ghosting has going on?

T - It's the last definite thing ghosting has going on, but if we're gonna play a last show, it's going to be in August. ------- So… you haven’t heard the last of Ghosting just yet. Go check them out at 242 Main this Thursday, May 13th. 7pm. 250 Main St, Burlington, VT. 10 Dollar cover. It’s the kick-off to Unrestrained’s Bicycle tour across New England and it’s sure to be a good time. All proceeds go to benefit relief efforts in Haiti, so come out and support local music and a great charity. See you there!

To find out more about Ghosting and see upcoming tour dates, check out their MySpace at: