'Thrufters & Throughstones' Music in Smartphone Video Project!

'Thrufters & Throughstones: The Music of Vermont's First 400 Years" is Big Heavy World's recent two-cd set of music found in Vermont during the most recent four centuries of history. With 40 original and re-created songs by Vermont artists, Seven Days called it "Akin to a hyper-localized Ken Burns documentary… a veritable treasure trove of discovery…" It was put together by Big Heavy World, The Vermont Folklife Center, and the Vermont Historical Society as a contribution to the statewide 2009 Vermont Quadricentennial event. Music from 'Thrufters' has been used in a new interpretive smartphone download created by Barbara Smorgans Marshall for the Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington. Here's the info: ETHAN ALLEN HOMESTEAD AWARDED NATIONAL HERITAGE PARTNERSHIP GRANT “Smartphones and Storytelling” To Provide a New Interpretive Experience

BURLINGTON, Vermont. - The Ethan Allen Homestead Historic Site and Museum was the recipient of a Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership Grant by the Lake Champlain Basin Program. Funding was used to create “Ethan & the Boys @ Fort Crown Point” which tells the tale of the Green Mountain Boys and their capture of the New York Forts Ticonderoga and Crown Point. The cannon “liberated” at those forts were delivered to George Washington in Boston to end the British siege.

The videos, in both English (with closed captioning) and Quebecois French, at http://www.ethanallenhomestead.org/ can be downloaded for viewing on an iPhone or iPod. One can see and hear our history as they tour throughout the region, using Google Maps to navigate to the historic sites. By integrating storytelling and navigation, both visitors and locals will enjoy a richer experience as they are guided to discover their own “sense of place”. This was a partnership of The Ethan Allen Homestead Museum in Burlington and the Crown Point Historic Site in New York, with help from friends at the McCord Museum in Montreal, Canada.

Music was courtesy of Vermont musicians Atlantic Crossing, Jesse Bruchac, Renewal Chorus, Va-et-Vient, Hanaford’s Volunteers Fyfe and Drum Corps. and Pete & Karen Sutherland. The music can be found on “Thrufters & Through-Stones, the Music of Vermont’s First 400 Years”, produced by Burlington’s Big Heavy World.

Quebecois translation and narration were performed by staff and students at St. Francis Xavier School in Winooski, Vermont. Program producer Barbara Smorgans Marshall intends this pilot program to be the first of a series of regional “Smartphones & Storytelling” mobile audio/visual interpretive stories.

The Ethan Allen Homestead Historic Site and Museum is a non-profit 501 {c} {3} dedicated to preserving, promoting and educating the public about Ethan Allen and the historic Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington, Vermont. Contact: Barbara Smorgans Marshall Tel: 802-862-3184 Email: barbara@smorgans.net