Big Heavy + UMall Teen Center = New Stage for Live Music!

View from the rear of the new BHW stage at Service Renered's new 'Chill Out Center' at the University Mall. Photos by J. Lockridge

Big Heavy World is PUMPED to help announce the new "Chill Out Center" in the University Mall! Here's pics of the YouthBuild crew working hard on Friday, March 13 to build the Chill Out Center's new Big Heavy World stage. The Chill Out Center is a new youth hang-out space at the University Mall in South Burlington, founded and directed by Bruce Wilson of Service Rendered (with a lot of support from the U-Mall and its businesses!) and created and run by the Chill Out Center's volunteer teen staff - still under construction! Big Heavy World will help bring live music, poetry, and other fun stage-worthy cultural events to the new stage. BIG thanks to the YouthBuild crew, Bruce, the Chill Out Center kidz, and their supporters for this opportunity!

The YouthBuild crew that built the BHW stage included Corey Bushey, Jeremy Estevez, Johnne DANG, Mike McGrath, Colleen Kent and program director Andrew Jope. It's an always-free, supervised hangout space for youth 14-20 years old.

Other attractions at the center include computers, Wii Fit, XBox, pool tables, ping pong, sofas, educational projects and tutoring. It'll be a welcome opportunity for local youth to cross paths with info about tobacco cessation, avoiding alcohol, HIV/AIDS, preparing for jobs, VSAC, and more.

The 'Chill Out Center' is located near Spencer Gifts in the mall and will be open Thursday through Saturday, 3-8pm and will expand its hours as staff is added.

The grand opening is April 24th noon-6pm and April 25th, noon-5pm. There will be fun, food and refreshments. Visit the stage in the center court near the center for two afternoons of entertainment by or for youth. For information contact Bruce Wilson, (802) 881-0281 or


The YouthBuild crew in action: Johnny Dang, Mike McGrath, Jeremy Estevez, Andrew Jope. Photo J. Lockridge