Burlington City Council Resolution Recognizes Big Heavy World

The Burlington City Council made a resolution on March 22 that we just heard about - an incredibly nice compliment to Big Heavy World: "In the year 2010 resolved by the City Council for the City of Burlington as follows: That WHEREAS, Big Heavy World is a non-profit organization that, for years, has catalogued the work of Burlington's rich musical community; and WHEREAS, Big Heavy World promotes Burlington's music throughout the region and beyond, gives younger Burlington residents a healthy place to pursue their musical and organizational talents, and brings together scores of community volunteers in order to ensure that Burlington's musical heritage will be passed on to future generations; and WHEREAS, Big Heavy World is an independent organization whose activities serve as a good complement to Burlington City Arts' high quality visual, performance, and applied arts programming; and WHEREAS, Big Heavy World intends to continue to be a non-City affiliated entity and to substantially raise its operating funds from private sources; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council applauds the work and many accomplishments of Big Heavy World and its founder Jim Lockridge." The resolution was sponsored by City Council members Clarence Davis and Marrisa Caldwell. Yay for us! We knew our volunteer crew rocked it; now Burlington, does too! Thank you Burlington City Council members and Mayor Kiss!