Rocket Shop Playlist 03/24/10: Myra Flynn & Steafan Hanvey

With you're host Kelsey Hanrahan. We had some great music tonight, Steafan and Myra alternated playing/ singing live some of their favorite songs they've been performing lately. myra-3


Myra Flynn, "Put it Down" (LIVE)

Steafan Hanvey, "Hundred Days of Snow" (LIVE)

Myra Flynn, "Mess You Up" (LIVE)

Steafan Hanvey, "Rooms" (LIVE)

Myra Flynn, "So it Goes" (LIVE)

Steafan Hanvey,"Desperation"

Myra Flynn, "Bones"

Steafan Hanvey, "Dublin Sky" (LIVE)