Luke Tyrrell: New Radiator Crew

luke Luke Tyrrell started at the Radiator in January, 2010 on an internship from his school to better his job experience for the future. Because he had to. On a visit from school home to Arizona in November, 2009 he had a layover in Washington D.C. for more than three hours. He was supposed to go to Philadelphia on that flight but it was delayed until forever. He asked if there was another flight leaving sooner. Before the school could realize it  - and they should have - he was on a different flight that landed a thousand miles short, in Washington D.C. Once in our nation’s capitol he decided to go outside of the airport to visit some of the memorials and monuments and to come back hopefully on time for a plane that went all the way to Arizona. When he arrived back at school a few days later his headmaster realized that he needed to get more experience outside of school by getting an internship. And here he is.