Great Music

Words by Tim Lewis.

As the new year dawns and everyone looks back at the best song or album of the year or decade I would like to remind you all that music attained perfection in 1985 with the release of Marillion’s masterpiece Misplaced Childhood. It has everything. It has a spooky invocation, a huge single (#2 in the UK and top 40 in the US even if everyone thinks it’s a Phil Collins song), and a lullaby turned into a rock anthem with a staggering guitar solo. It has recurring musical themes, it has songs about drinking and scoring in the bars. It has themes of death and loss. It has the lead character go through a near death experience with a full understanding of the cacophony in the world and has him come out on the other side armed with hope for the beauty in life. I’ve not heard it’s equal before or since. While there is a lot of great music out there, both old and new, it’s always worth remembering the greats as inspiration for the future.

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