Meet New Crew Guy Chris Clapp

chris1 "Hello to everyone, my name is Chris Clapp. I am currently a Junior majoring in Mass Communication (whatever that is, right?) here at Burlington's own Champlain College. Color me grateful to have had Big Heavy' Worlds maestro (of sorts), Jim Lockridge, instruct a Business of Music course I took during my first semester of college. I was born in Boston's Mass General and raised for couple years in my family's hometown Malden, MA before settling in "Tax-Free," Nashua, New Hampshire, no offense Vermont. The first song my brain can recall hearing was The Beatles "I Am The Walrus," thus kicking off a life-enveloping obsession with not only British rock, but sonic endeavors of all sorts (sans modern country and most "auto-tuned" works). Such an overall appreciated for the musical arts does, however, make it difficult to pinpoint what exactly my position is/may be while here at Big Heavy World. Nonetheless, I am honored to be amongst such good company and look forward to contributing in any way I can, whether that be spending some quality time on The Radiator or just doing my small part to keep this beautiful mess organized (well, functioning). Until next time, stay legible. I know I'm trying."

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