A Little of the Cush At The Monkey House Friday December 4, 2009

Words by Tim Lewis.

Woo Hoo. The Cush were playing a show and releasing their new album. Tapis Bleu were opening and Nose Bleed Island would be there too.

I tried to trade away my shift but was unable so I worked until midnight, then caught a ride to Winooski and ran up to the Monkey at quarter after and was let in without charge. The Cush were onstage working it furiously and sounding great. I was pretty unsettled and am not sure what they were playing. It might have been the end of Small Town Movie but I’m not sure. I grabbed a drink, found a place on the packed dance floor and reveled in A New Kind of Blue. It rocked hard like usual but sounded a bit denser than it has for a while. Ben from Farm was playing keys with them and it took a bit to really get into the sound. I wasn’t quite there when they wrapped it up. Unfortunately that was the last song of the night.

I chatted with Caroline O’Connor for a bit, bought a copy of Between the Leaves (and have played it nearly every day since) and caught a ride home with Mike. I wish I had been there for more but am glad I made the effort that I did. A mere moment of bliss is better than none.

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