'Surf Ramen' on The Radiator

Autumn Furtak Cole

Words by Tom Deterling

Photos by Kate Worley

Wednesday nights at 7 get a little different at 105.9FM 'The Radiator.' Isaac Steinzor and Autumn Furtak Cole take it upon themselves to bring 'Surf Ramen' to the Burlington airwaves. 'Surf Ramen' is an hour long show of chaos that plays anything and everything in-between. Focusing on the music, 'Surf Ramen' plays ten to twenty tracks each show with some discussion mixed in along the way. The show reflects the kind of music the two hosts enjoy: everything.

Besides playing music on the radio, both Isaac and Autumn have backgrounds in music; Isaac plays the guitar and clarinet whereas Autumn has played guitar, drums and bass. They have played locally in many different bands, but Isaac's approach to music is as a hobby and not an attempt to make a living from it.

In the months that the show has been running, not a whole lot has changed. Early on in its life, 'Surf Ramen' focused on theme shows, such as a vinyl night, a 1999 show, and some heavy shows, but these themes soon fell by the wayside. Nowadays, 'Surf Ramen' brings both local and national music from all genres to the Radiator. Although the theme shows haven't been a regular occurrence lately, Isaac and Autumn have planned more for the future. For example, a memorial show for the local band Maneuvers is being planned for sometime in the coming weeks.

Surf Ramen is not a show that is meant to play the music of any particular genre; it is a show that simply plays music. The show features so many different styles that the hosts don't know how it will turn out each night. "There is about a fifty percent chance that we will have a good show," 'Surf Ramen' admits. Whether or not this is true, the most important thing about listening to 'Surf Ramen' is that you "listen to us with an open mind."

Isaac Steinzor