Rocket Shop Playlist: 11/11/09 Gordon Stone drops by

With your host Kelsey Hanrahan and special guests Gordon Stone and his wife/manager Jennifer. They came to promote their performance called "The Black Forest" featuring songs from his newest album, "Night Shade". The Gordon Stone Band will also be joined by 3 African drummers and 4 African dancers to tell a musicl Shaman story. 1. Gordon Stone Band, "Snakehouse"

2. Gordon Stone Band, "Night Shade"

3. Rob Lucente, "Enjoy Your Stay"

4. The Prodigal String Band, "Cluck of Hen"

5. Andy Harrington Band, "Brooklyn"

6. Cave Bees, "See you on the Bottom"

7. Gordon Stone Band, "Pachysandra"

8. Gordon Stone Band, "Close Enough"

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