Drug Rug And Hockey At The Higher Ground Showcase Lounge Tuesday October 20, 2009

Words by Tim Lewis.

It was a Tuesday and I was tired. I had a deep exhaustion going and really wanted to get the work day over and begin the weekend. Going out seemed way too much to do.

Meghan from the Deli and Dianne Sullivan had both recommended Boston’s Drug Rug, who were opening for Portugal the Man, so I had to consider the show. I listened to a few songs by Portugal the Man and a couple by Hockey and wasn’t overly impressed. I listed to some by Drug Rug and was so-so on the first couple but thought the last one rocked

I was able to get out early and took the 7:15 bus to Higher Ground. I hung out for a bit until doors opened and used a gift certificate from Dave and Laura to pay for the show. The small room at HG slowly filled as it got closer to show time. I ran into Becky and Dianne from the Dirty Blondes. Diane had been promoting the show on Facebook (yes I am on Facebook) so I was not surprised. Both mentioned the upcoming Dirty Blondes show at Metronome for their 10th anniversary. Becky also mentioned their bass player quit, so they will do the show without one.

Soon enough it was time for Drug Rug to take the stage. They came on and rocked with an indie quirkiness, and tons of charm. They played a fun set that saw them switch instruments a lot. They sounded great and were lots of fun. Dianne was invited up to play tambourine on a song and stayed to do backing vocals on Oh Hanna. They played one that was pretty bluesy. If you’ve ever wondered how and indie rock band plays the blues, it’s with more distortion and feedback.

They had a friend come up and play drums on a song as the drummer played a guitar. By the end of the set, most of the band had taken a turn on drums, and at one point they had three guitars playing. It was a fun light spirited show and I was glad I dragged my tired self out to it.

After a bit Hockey came on and got the crowd going. Their pop/ska/funk sound went over well. They were very tight and played exceedingly well. Some people in the audience danced ecstatically and most everyone seemed to appreciate it. As for me, when the third song began, and sounded like the first two, I knew it was time to leave. I was weary and they weren’t doing it for me.

I’m so glad I went. I really had a good time with Drug Rug and am happy I put in the effort.

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.