The Vacant Lots, Torpedo Rodeo And Here We Go Magic Thursday Sep 17, 2009 At Metronome And JPs

Words by Tim Lewis.

I was a bit bored as I hadn’t been out to see music in a while. The restless urge was rising. I knew Alice and the Decemberists were coming up, but that listing on Metronome’s site for Here We Go Magic appealed. I linked to their MySpace and they sounded pretty cool. I asked around and got some interest from Nathan so the plan was set.

Metronome’s site said doors at 8 show at 9 with no mention of an opener. I left a little after nine and when I arrived there was a short line of people waiting for the club to open. The sign outside said there was a DJ at 9, the Vacant Lots at 10 and Here We Go Magic at 11. Soon enough the line started moving. I entered, grabbed a drink, grabbed a seat, tried not to listen to the DJ too much, and waited. Nathan appeared quickly. The Lots did a sound check as we contemplated popping over to JP’s to check out Torpedo Rodeo. It was a bit too early for their start, so as the DJ took over again, we chatted and waited.

At 10 we were on the edge of heading out when the Vacant Lots took the stage. The medium sized crowd was vocal and enthusiastic as the duo slammed into their set. Much like the last time I saw them at Nectars, they let loose a huge rock sound. The drumming was steady and heavy throughout the night. The guitar ground out the rhythm, and effects filled out the room. Their short and visceral set got me going enough to shake out some of the kinks that develop when sitting 8 hours a day. Rock and Roll, at the level that the Lots are playing, is good for just about everything!

When they wrapped it up, we headed to JP’s, and Torpedo Rodeo were on stage. Ok, the stage is just a section of the floor that they’ve set up as a stage, but it works pretty well. It had been a while since I’ve been in JP’s. Classically it has always been a workingman’s bar so I was surprised to see it filled with college students and black lights to make the drinks glow. Time keeps marching on, eh?

After taking it all in, my attention turned to the band. The trio was tight and played some fun rock and roll. They only played a couple of songs before taking a break so I did not get a full feel for what they can do, but the bit I saw was encouraging, and makes me want to check them out again. They are friends of Nathan so after the set we chatted a bit. As Nathan headed out for a smoke break, I headed back to Metronome.

Here We Go Magic was onstage when I entered so I quickly found my way up to watch and listen. From their MySpace I thought they would be a bit more spacey and trancey, but live they sounded more indie rock as I began to find the groove.

It was one of those shows where I went in knowing nothing about the band and walked out loving everything I heard. I think I need to start paying attention to them!

Their set was a bit too short, though that kind of worked, as the next day was a workday with an early start. Nathan made it back for the last half of the last song and said Torpedo’s second set was fun and full of covers.

What a night. I went out to check out a band on a whim and got to see a band I’m beginning to like, a band I’ve been meaning to see and really liked the band I was taking a chance on. Sometimes it really does pay.

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