Rocket Shop 8/12/2009: The Grift, Guides for the Future and M.O.E

We had a full studio tonight but managed to get everyone into the hour. Peter from the grift came to play some songs live to give listeners a taste of what they could hear at "Thursday's at the Intervale". Guides for the Future played 3 tracks to promote their show on 8/15 at 242 main. M.O.E who are aspiring rapper/producer's. 1. Peter, "Lafie" (Live)

2. Peter, ""The Hitch Hiker Girl" (Live)

3. Peter, "Beautiful Urchant" (Live)

4. Peter, "I Spy" (Live)

5. M.O.E, "You're a Jerk"

6. M.O.E, "Swagger"

7. Guides for the Future, "At War with your Mother"

8. Guides for the Future, "Vampires of L House"

9. Guides for the Future, "Guides for the Future"