New Hardcore Zine: The Lantern- July 2009, Issue 01

Henry Rollins

There’s a new Zine in Burlington, and it focuses on the hardcore scene. The mind-child of Ryan Krushenick, from local Burlington band, Unrestrained, The Lantern focuses on talking with local and national hardcore punk figures and gets their take on the current scene both inside and outside of Burlington.

The inaugural July 2009 issue features interviews with:

Derek McIntire of Unrestrained

Anthony Pappalardo, co-author of Radio Silence

Greg Bennick of Trial and the award-winning documentary "Flight From Death"

Henry Rollins

Jim Lockridge of Big Heavy World

Tony Auger of The Effort

Dawn Graham of the Break the Silence project.

For more information on The Lantern or to obtain a copy for $3, or submit a story, email