The Cush And The Lymbyc Systym Monday July 20, 2009 At The Monkey House In Winooski

Words by Tim Lewis.

With the new job schedule I though for sure I was going to miss this show. The Cush had set up four shows opening for Lymbyc Systym with the final one being at the Monkey. The Cush were set to go on at 9pm and when I checked my schedule and saw that I was getting out at 8:30 I was elated. I could make it!

I did a good job focusing on work, but as soon as the call center shut down, I was out power waking the train tracks to Winooski. I arrived just about 9 and heard music playing. I accelerated my pace and walked in to find a drum, keys, and violin trio onstage. Not only was I not late, I was there for much of Lymbyc’s sound check. I settled into a seat at the bar, grabbed a drink and listened. They sounded really nice and I was encouraged about the evening ahead.

It took forever for them to get the sound perfect, and then they moved the instruments to the back of the stage so the Cush could set up. Time seemed infinite as the Monkey House slowly filled with people and the stage filled with instruments and electronics.

I had heard that Cody Lee had left so I was not surprised that they set up as a duo. I was surprised when they started playing. I thought they might play it down a notch, like they usually do when it’s just the two of them, but with a drum machine pounding out the beat, they took the stage in full glory. They opened with a whole slew of new songs and they sounded full and fantastic. Is there nothing they can’t do?

They played their hearts out and the audience responded accordingly. While conforming to the drum machine kept them reigned in a bit, they really pulled off the whole Cush sound as a duo. My admiration only continues to grow. After a solid set, they said they had a couple more, and lit into a killer version of the Drone. It took us to the farthest star then brought us back to earth in time to end the night with A New Kind of Blue. So long indeed. Later when I got home I read their e-mail promoting the show. They said it was Burette’s birthday, which I picked up on when someone (Caroline?) bought him a shot and Gabby said it was his birthday. The e-mail also said it was the last Cush show until the new album gets released. I can’t wait for it and to see what they do next.

After another long break Lymbyc System began playing as a keyboard drums duo. They sounded nice and smooth but not quite as engaging as I thought they might be. After a couple of songs the vocal less duo were joined by their violin player and continued on. Again it sounded nice but not engaging. I hung out for several songs but was getting more and more tired and made the long walk home. While they did not grab me like My Other Friend did the other day I still felt good about giving them a chance. How else will you ever know?

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