A Hint Of The Rubblebucket Orchestra At The Top Of Church St. Friday June 12, 2009

Words by Tim Lewis.

I’ve been sort of curious about Rubblebucket Orchestra since reading about them in Seven Days a while ago. I know they are not my favorite style of music but everything about them sounded like they would put on a killer show. With that in mind I headed down to Church st Friday after work to check them out.

When I arrived the crowd stretched half way down the upper block. I went to the back to see if I could make my way foreword but the crowd was too dense. I found a spot in front of Sakura and listened for a bit. My first thought was that orchestra was the right word for them. They had a huge sound and were jamming pretty hard. The woman singer had a nice voice and I was kind of getting into them, though was a bit jostled by the constant flood of people walking by.

As soon as they finished the first song that I saw, they said they had two more, then would be back for another set. I listened and enjoyed the two, then went to the Op for a beer. The OP was pretty full and only got more full as the beer went down. It was about then that I realized I was not up for going back to the sardine can for Rubblebucket’s last set, so I went the other direction towards home. Maybe I’ll catch them for real sometime, but for that moment, the quick taste of them was pretty nice.

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