The Dirty Blondes At Club Metronome Saturday June 6, 2009

Words by Tim Lewis.

After tons of people chatted through Sarah Blacker on Friday night, I was psyched for Saturday. Chat all you want when the Dirty Blondes are playing. The volume is through the roof and impossible to compete with.

This show was not on my radar and was not listed anywhere in town, including Metronome’s website. Becky sent me an e-mail saying they were going on at 8:30. Saturday evening I put on the black, added the vote dirty and vote blonde buttons, left a house full of friends, and walked downtown. Late in the evening on Friday, my ankle had stiffened up. It was not feeling it’s best Saturday, but was strong enough for the walk, and I hoped it would hold for the rocking.

I arrived on time and the room was pretty full of people. After a while I gathered that it was a 7 Days party, which explained the lack of listings. I hung out for a while until the band took the stage.

They were at top energy and volume as they lit into the set. The songs are simple crude and fast and when they explode out of the speakers, you know what rock and roll really means. Song after song they sounded great. The audience was pretty into it and people around me were dancing hard. It was fun and joyful and just a great time. They played all of my favorites from the opener of Easy Rider to the middle of the show highlight of Oh Dirty Blondes. Many practiced the classic dance move during Kung Pao. Covers for the night included Higher Ground and Paranoid. They even did the lyrically challenging Ornan’s song.

It was a night of the Dirty Blondes playing at their best. It was so much fun and I’m so glad that Becky let me know about the show. When it was done I hung out for a bit, but the place had steadily filled with new people and a dj took over. I just had to leave.


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