Dreamscapes and Country Rock — All in a Day’s Work for The Cush

By Zach Parker

While the ever-growing music scene in Burlington continues to flourish, one of the Northeast’s best kept

The Cush is a three-piece band consisting of husband and wife duo Burette and Gabrielle Douglas on guitar and bass, respectively, and Cody Lee on drums. The group’s self-described “space rock” sound has captivated audiences not only up here in the mountains, but also across the South.

The Cush came to fruition following the end of Dallas quartet Buck Jones, which featured all three current Cush members. Buck Jones ended when Burette and Gabrielle decided to pack their bags and head north.

“We toured all around Texas for seven years, and around 1999 or 2000, things just kind of fizzled out.” Burette said.

“The Dallas music scene lost a lot of its creativity—everything just became sell, sell, sell,” added Gabrielle.

The two decided to write what would become The Cush’s self-titled debut while in Texas, and what came out was a far more psychedelic, dreamy sound than they had ever produced before. With that in mind, Burlington seemed to be the most fitting place for the new project to spread its wings.

“It is more progressive musically up here,” Burette said.

“Burlington is a strong community on many levels with a lot of creativity,” Gabrielle agreed.

“We came up with a finished record and were pretty well received from the start.”

The band began performing throughout the area, exposing fans to their unique style which features influences anywhere from Jimi Hendrix to Sonic Youth, the Jayhawks, Neil Young, and the Pink Floyd classic Dark Side of the Moon.

The Cush gained further notoriety in 2005 with the release of “New Appreciation For Sunshine,” a release which cdbaby.com calls “50 minutes of beautifully layered dreamy, psychedelic rock.”

The album features Burette’s airy guitar work intertwined with the bass stylings of Gabrielle as a canvas for the two to present their flowing, spaced out harmonies.

While the two Cush albums do carry certain energetic aspects, they are primarily mellow at the core, but the band promises that their live show contains far more action, infusing some rock influences and more of a country rock sound.

“Our live shows are different every time,” Burette said.

“We play dreamy music, but we also play edgy music.”

The band has recently set to work on their third album, one which promises to stretch further throughout the musical spectrum.

“It’s going to be different than the first two albums,” Gabrielle said.

“This album is going to be a little more loud and rocking — more in line with our live show.”

After featuring a few local drummers, including Ryan Power and Seth Yacovone Band’s Steve Hadeka, the Burette and Gabrielle have teamed up with Lee, who also performs as a solo artist in the area, for the new album.

Currently in the mixing process, the band expects the album to be released by the fall, if not sooner; but for now, fans looking to get their fill of The Cush can check out the rising Burlington stars at the Monkey House in Winooski on April 18th.