Rocket Shop 2-25-09: Somewhere in the Solution

Kelsey and Somewhere in the Solution

With your host, me, Kelsey Hanrahan with special guest "Somewhere In The Solution" they're an aspiring hip hop band that came on to promote their benefit for the Common Ground Teen Center in Montpelier. If you liked what you heard, definitely check them out through myspace or your local venues )

1. Lucy Vincent "Boulevard if Fantasies" 2. Lucy Vincent "Just Forget" 3. Lucy Vincent "Fasten Your Seatbelt" 4. Strangefolk "Valhalla" 5. Strangefolk "Furnace" 6. Strangefolk "Who I am" 7. Rubblebucket "Red Line Beat" 8. Rubblebucket "World is Gonna Drown" 9. Rubblebucket "Violet Rays" 10. Somewhere in the Solution "Come and Gather"

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