BHW Celebrates New Site Launch: Jan. 31 @ Lyndon State College / Norwich University

Big Heavy World and Lyndon State College are teaming up to celebrate the new BHW web site on January 31, tearing up the LSC campus with some of Vermont's highest octane independent rock bands. Norwich University brings seven bands to the party at their Plumley Armory, while raising money to benefit a new Peoples Academy high school arts & engineering program. Altogether January 31 is the day we light this rocket - this new Big Heavy World web site!

In Lyndonville...

Lyndon State College, located in Lyndonville, VT (map), has a new music industry major and high energy for supporting local music - look for a lot of live music action in the Northeast Kingdom because of them in 2009, starting with this FREE ALL AGES lineup:

HUSBANDS AKA (Burlington, VT)

"Husbands AKA combines elements of Jamaican ska and Reggae with American hardcore and punk rock. The band is characterized by walking basslines, scratch-like tempos, keyboard rhythms on the offbeat, hard work, good clean fun, and inebriated joy."


"In the summer of 2006, the International Astronomical Union unceremoniously stripped Pluto of its planetary status, demoting it to the sniggle-inducing subcategory of "dwarf planet." Those were dark days in the Milky Way, indeed. Roughly one year later, a quintet of presumably disillusioned ladds came together to honor the passing of one of our solar system's greats the only way they knew how: with hard rockin'. So it was that In Memory of Pluto was born." - Dan Bolles, Seven Days Newspaper

MANEUVERS (Burlington, VT)

"Maneuvers are an outfit from Burlington, who are doing exciting things with fast, electric rock music. The band has a promising sound which seems to be pointed towards finding some new territory beyond the conventions that often stifle groups working with the energetic, loud and heavy tunes. With only three members, Maneuvers produce a healthy amount of noise. The steady, melodic bass and throaty vocals work along with intricate guitar riffs and rhythms parts to create a dynamic, powerful live performance."

LIQUICHICKEN (Lyndonville, VT)

and in Northfield...

Caleb and Joel Heller, Norwich University students, bring seven innovative artists together for 'THE UP AND COMING,' supporting a high school program at Peoples Academy that combines science and the arts. The show is at the Plumley Armory, Norwich University, 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, Vermont (map). Doors are 6pm, music 6:30pm. Tickets $5, donations accepted. An all ages show!

ONSIDE (Boston, MA)

Like a troubadour howling at the moon after a night on the town, late nights and early mornings can be heard in the grooves, with lead singer Ned DeBary’s earnest and soulful voice effectively bridging the gap between Americana and indie rock.  If My Morning Jacket decided to cover Bill Monroe, chances are that it would come out sounding an awful lot like Oneside. Ned DeBary, lead singer and guitarist, is joined by Grafton Pease on bass, Jake Brooks on drums and Chris Hersch on banjo.  The four-some met in 2002, and have since toured the country regularly.  They’ve opened for such musical luminaries as Bobby Bare, Jr., Railroad Earth, The Damnwells, and Grace Potter.  They’ve spent the last three springs stopping by the renowned South by Southwest Festival and were asked by Paste Magazine to make an appearance at 2007’s Austin City Limits.  The band has also played at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and even beloved Fenway Park in Boston.  This summer, Oneside will be gracing the stages of California’s High Sierra Music Festival as well as Virginia’s Floydfest 2008.


Named SPIN Magazine’s “Band of the Month” for their first release, 'Her Brilliant Fifteen', Epstein (Guitar, Vocals), Matthew Girard (Bass), Patrick Mussari (Guitar) and Travis Richter (Drums) draw parallels to Vonnegut with lyrics ringing of social commentary.  Never too serious while slinging weighty subject matters and unconventional musical themes, the band remains profoundly simple in the melodic nods to their literary muses and societal inspirations.  Songs like "Jean-Paul," a schizophrenic, splintered conversation on the murder of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, reside comfortably next to “30 Lives,” a baba-ba filled ditty in which the protagonist utilizes a video game code to spend 30 lives with his partner.

AUBURN (Southeastern, MA)

Rock is not dead! Though the strong southern grooves of the past have long since faded into the repetitive and drab "metalcore" of today, there are still some who feel that same power and soul in their veins, and who work to boil it back to the surface. Enter Auburn out of southern Mass.  A unified force of sound, listeners can expect to hear both rock riffs and brutal breakdowns, both tearing screams and melodic singing; a true gritty mix of the good, bad AND ugly. Auburn will confront your senses with a heartfelt and energetic performance that will rock your body. Amen to that.

PARIAH BEAT (Thetford, VT)

Pariah Beat hails from the tiny hamlet of Thetford, but has really been making a name for itself to the south of us in the Boston market. Rowdy, fun and full of spunk, this band is one of the bright spots on the Vermont music scene right now. Their self-described sound is "honky-punk," and indeed it is an amalgamation of Americana – jug band music and rockabilly – all played with an in-your-face punk sensibility.


Cashed Fools is an explosive mix of supernatural sound beams that delight the ears and quake the brains of all who fall under the positive wavelength vibrations of which it travels.  A phenomenon only to be described as Bluesadelic Funkacide.  Mixing rock, reggae, blues, funk, punk rock, heavy metal, psychedelia and everything in between.  Cashed Fools are sure to bring the energy of life, music and soul to a new level.


Cherry Cassette just wants your money or your record contract. Please don’t pay attention to any of the awesome music they are writing because they are greedy and selfish artists who want women and money and the ability to get arrested without getting in any trouble. All of their songs are stolen from real artists, with real talent, just because their music sounds amazing doesn’t mean you should take them seriously or listen to any of it. They are the kind of music you hate for belonging on the radio and for getting signed to a major label. Please write this band off immediately.

THE SWORN IN (Hartland, VT)

The Sworn In is an Indie Punk Rock band from the Vermont / New Hampshire area.  Formed in early September of 2008, the band features drummer Levi Howard [ex Pariah Beat], bassist Jake DeVries [ex River City Rebels], lead guitarist Maxwell Pogacar [ex Yarbles], and singer / guitarist CJ Bags.

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