The Rocket Shop WARDS Interview: Wed. November 12!

Tune in to 'Rocket Shop,' Big Heavy World's local music radio hour, on Wednesday November 12, 8-9pm at 105.9FM in the Burlington VT area or streaming at for an hour dedicated to THE WARDS. Vermont's first punk rock band is still making solid music - they'll talk about their history, crayzee stories, and perform their newest song with an hour of live recordings from the Vibesville studio. Here's pics by Anaii Lee-Ender from the recording session at Vibesville:

Jeff Cooper at the controls, Vibesville.

J-Girl, Beano, Rick, Tea, Franco, and Quennie: The Wards.

November 13 Edit:

Here's the playlist from the show last night:

The Wards, "My Dad's A Cop" (Live) The Wards, "Weapon Factory" (Live) The Wards, "Dead Body" (Live) The Wards, "Give Me a Buck" (Live) The Wards, "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (Live) The Wards, "Drive In" (Live) The Wards, "Ghetto" (Live) The Wards, "Poison Gas" (Live) The Wards, "6 O'Clock" (Live) The Wards, "Gangs N Guns" (Live) The Wards, "Patrons" (Live) The Wards, "AFL-CIO" (Live) The Wards, "Snow Runner" (Live) The Wards, "Lucy" (Live) The Wards, "Nothing for Christmas" (Live) The Wards, "Christmas In Afghanistan" (Live) The Wards, "Run Run Rudolph" (Live)