Rocket Shop Playlist 09/17/2008: Amozen, Dan Bolles

Kelsey Hanrahan and Dan Bolles. With host Kelsey Hanrahan and guests AMOZEN (Matt, Mat, Ian and Blaine), promoting their new album A Moment of Zen and Dan Bolles, Music Editor at Seven Days who brought music from the What's Good: Bands of Burlington Showcase:

Amozen, "A Moment of Zen" Amozen, "Build A Wall" Amozen, "Wheels of Emotion" Amozen, "Dim" Husbands AKA, "Outcast" Husbands AKA, "Chameleon" In Memory of Pluto, "Cutting Open the Fiction" In Memory of Pluto, "Berlin" Lowell Thompson, "Anna" Swale, "Cancer"

Kelsey & Amozen.