Rocket Shop Playlist 09/03/2008: The Fatal Flaws

Sasha Rodriguez and Chris Beneke are The Fatal Flaws (live in The Radiator studio). With host Jim Lockridge and guests THE FATAL FLAWS:

Vic & Sade, episode called "Car Ride to Chenoa" from November 1941 Fatal Flaws, "Haunted Pants" (LIVE) Fata' Flaws, "Eat the Rock" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "(for "sexual position," Carole said) Jaded the First Honest Protest Song" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "How to Make a Woman Blues" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Fatal Flaws" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Cliff Hung" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Crippled Man" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Room Temperature (Luke Warm)" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Out of This World" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Cliffhanger" Fatal Flaws, "Monkey Mouth" Fatal Flaws, "Pretty People" (FCC-compliant "Hug" version, LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Aces Deuces Wild" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "I Will Be Your Ghost" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "5 Minutes" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "One Day" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Shakin' Lady Stomp" (LIVE) Fatal Flaws, "Those Mortal Wound Blues" (LIVE

Sasha on Rocket Shop.

Most songs are on the newly released W.C. Field Recordings CD-R, "Scragged," 23 songs in 47 minutes, available at shows, PurePop, SONIK (in Montreal) with hand-printed block image on (deluxe) cardboard or (budget) copier paper. For geek/gearhead interest, Sasha plays a vintage Ludwig hihat and Chris Beneke's guitar amplifier was a 6-watt Kendrick Roughneck with an 8-in speaker and a single volume knob that goes to 12.

The Fatal Flaws:


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