Big Heavy World Thanks Linking Learning to Life

Big Heavy World has recently had the pleasure of working with volunteers Hunter Phelps and Kristy Roberts who joined the crew via Linking Learning to Life's TIPS (Training Interns & Partnering for Success) and PILOT (Program to Inspire Leadership, Opportunity, and Thought) programs. Over the years Linking Learning to Life's mission has been to improve educational and employment opportunities for both students and teachers. Linking Learning to Life connects schools and organizations to provide real-life learning opportunities. In 2004 Linking Learning to Life launched TIPS, a program that provides youth the opportunity to participate in a job with local businesses. Through TIPS students can gain high school credit, summer jobs, and internships with local businesses. Big Heavy World thanks Linking Learning to Life for sending both Hunter and Kristy to work with us, and we look forward to collaborating with future Linking Learning to Life volunteers.