Rocket Shop Playlist 06/04/2008

With hosts Jim Lockridge and Kelsey Hanrahan: Drive the Hour, 'Burlington 6AM' Jenni Johnson, 'Stormy Weather '(Keeps Rainin's All The Time)' Jenny Montana, 'I Want To Cook You Breakfast' Bad Suit, 'The Gooseneck Appendage' Jess Clemons, 'For Mother' Dayve Hucket, 'Gassical Class' Maryse Smith, 'Worn Tee Shirt' Lowell Thompson, 'Crenshaw' Japhy Ryder, 'No Complaints Mr. Sprinkles' Trey Anastasio, 'We Deflate' Red Hot Juba, 'Bubbles In My Brain'

'Rocket Shop.' a local music radio hour, airs every Wednesday, 8-9pm in Burlington, VT at 105.9FM WOMM-LP 'The Radiator.'