Rocket Shop Playlist 04/02/2008

080402-commonground3.jpg With guest hosts the Common Ground Youth Center crew from St. Albans (Marisha Drown, Leah Mahoney, Erin Christiansen, Cameron Young, Jessica Trayah, & Colleen Kelly Estenbaum), live performance by PETE & THE MEATWHISTLE, and Kelsey Hanrahan's Weekend Scene Report.

Dirtminers, 'Addison County Clay' Jazzam, 'High Times' Farm, 'Boomtown' Avi & Celia, 'Down To You' Pete & The Meatwhistle, 'Untitled' (Live) Pete & The Meatwhistle, 'Untitled #2' (Live) The Breaking In, 'The Record Holder' Jazzam, 'Bafangool5'



080402-commonground4.jpg Pete & The Meatwhistle.

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