'Rocket Shop' Playlist, 12/12/2007

Big Heavy World's 'Rocket Shop' Local Music Radio Hour playlist for Wednesday, December 12, 2007: 071212-romans2.jpg Romans in the studio. Photo: Taylor Cook.

(Guest hosts ROMANS: Justin Gonyea, Tom Kelly, Kevin Savage, Sean Martin) The Nisht Geferlach Klezmer Band, 'Tish Nign' Romans, 'The Last Fifty-Eight Quatraines of the Seventh Century' Romans, 'Nail, Nail, Nail' Drowningman, 'Sadder Than Saturday' Carrigan, 'Hear Ye... Hear Ye' Never Again, 'Strength to Prevail' Suffer the Masses, 'Advancement' Engineer, 'Scala Natura' Romans, 'Carve Up and Give Away' Downslide, 'Discarding Skin' Engineer, (?) Cancer Conspiracy, 'Loft Complication' Non Compos Mentis, 'Henry' The Year's Best, 'The Day You Let Down Everyone' Carrigan, 'Sunshine Through the Waves' 5% Joe, 'Letter from Luke' Prisoner 13, 'War Without Words' Engineer, 'The Thinning Cycle' Starlight Conspiracy, 'She Waits' Starlight Conspiracy, 'Don't Leave the Stage'

Hosted by Jim Lockridge. 'Rocket Shop' airs every Wednesday, 8-9pm in Burlington, VT at 105.9FM WOMM-LP 'The Radiator.'

071212-romans1.jpg Romans in the studio. Photo: Taylor Cook.