Tucking things in for Autumn

071001-autumnflowers.jpgMowed the lawn for the last time of the season this week, getting ready to close things up for the winter. This summer was a busy one, though it's hard to tell from looking! We just submitted a grant application to the state for support to restore the exterior; many groups in Starksboro helped us by providing letters of support. To them, thank you! Tonya has begun to 'interview' Starksboro residents kind enough to help us gather the history of the L. S. Gordon Store - I'm sure notes from her experience will end up here. The Starksboro Historical Society has helped direct us to people who might remember when the building was a store, before becoming a residence. The photo of the sunchokes was taken this morning - they surprised us, just popping up and blooming naturally on the north side of the building.