July Clean-Up!

070727_cleanup.jpgAnother big clean-up day today, with Jim, Ryan, Joe Weinmunson, and Christina Brooker from the Big Heavy World office. We picked up and swept, putting the place back in order following the construction. The photo shows the building as we're walking toward it from the North on the new lawn that appeared after the outdoor clean-up earlier in the season. The lillies seem to follow a line where the wall of an old building used to be; we found half of an ice tong there and have been told that a gentleman had an ice house there that he sold bailing twine from in the summer (we'd like to learn more about this subject!). After the clean-up we set up a display in the window with Ginny Joyner's art and information about the Vermont Music Library, for anyone who got curious enough to walk up to the front of the building. It has a light overhead on a timer from 8:00 until midnight. Also weeded and mulched the flowers that were transplanted to the yard last spring. Looking forward to bringing more to the yard this fall. If anyone has a flower garden to thin, please feel welcome to let us know you've got plants to donate! The 'after' photo: 070803_interior-after.jpg