Small Dog Helps VMLS Digitize the Music Library

Big Heavy World has been preserving and promoting the music of Vermont since 1996. Working with a crew of mostly high school and college-aged volunteers, we've archived thousands of recordings by Vermont's musical artists at our Vermont Music Library & Shop and exposed hundreds of Vermont's musicians to new audiences. A lot of this work has been accomplished - and our web sites hosted - on equipment that Small Dog Electronics gave us or helped us acquire. We've recently been given a century-old general store building in Addison County that is undergoing restoration to become a climate controlled archive for the VMLS recording collection. While raising capital for that effort, we're also fundraising to purchase equipment that will allow us to digitize the collection, aiming to meet the highest standards of digital cultural preservation. Small Dog is helping us with this goal by providing a donations page that accepts contributions to a VMLS-dedicated hardware account at Small Dog.

Your contribution, via a purchase from this page of a donation in any increment of $25, will help us acquire the hardware needed to preserve this unique cultural legacy. Your donation will be added to that of others with a similar interest in this preservation effort, and cumulatively enough funding will be raised to purchase the Apple equipment we need. Thank you for contributing!