North Side Clean-Up

070428-North-DanJeff.jpgOur crew spent today cleaning up the 'lawn' on the North side of the building, where we were actually clearing branches, undergrowth and leaves from what had grown up to be essentially a forest again. Buildings from the old Mountain View Creamery seem to have stood here, and Geoff found half of a pair of big old-fashioned ice tongs. Here's a couple 'before' pictures: 070428-North-Before2.jpg 070428-North-Before.jpg We pulled garbage out of the ground like bottles and cans, but also full carpets that were spread out on the ground and grown through and over. The 'After": 070428-After.jpg Our BBQ lunch was courtesy Shaw's and Magic Hat - we enjoyed it from the ledge in front of the store where it overlooks the mountains - a view we appreciate every day. Trees were felled on Hank Bissell's property last Fall at his invitation to open up this view, and part of the day was spent sawing them into firewood for him. Here's the crew at about mid-day. From left to right: Jim Lockridge, George Paticopoulos, Geoff Leyden, Cameron Clark, Dan McAlister & Katie D’Amelio: 070428-North-Crew.jpg Olive Phillips took the picture when she stopped by to see the building; her grandparents used to live here. Colin Fitzgerald isn't pictured but he and Jim prepared for the clean-up day on April 27.