Old Blacksmith Shop?

vmls-blacksmithshop.jpgElsa also sent this picture from a slideshow she researched about Starksboro's stores. The image is a scan of a slide of a photo of the original picture that came from Bertha Hanson's collection. We're researching the deeds which almost all mention a blacksmith shop on the land somewhere. We've learned through correspondence with John Burbank that the structure in front of the L. S. Gordon storefront was removed in the 1970's to give the residents of the storefront more room in their front yard.We wonder if this building was the old blacksmith shop. The deeds also mention a horse barn and house and we haven't dug into the papers far enough to learn how large the original plot was yet. We wonder if some of the structures mentioned in the deeds were on the other (East) side of Route 116. The first deed, which mentions the blacksmith shop, is from September 25, 1856: "...described as follows, to wit, being the Blacksmith shop, and tools and stock and all the land on which said shop stands..."

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