A Long, Hot Day!

cleanup-summer2006.jpgHere's most of the gang that cleaned the property up over a summer weekend. Left to right, it's Pat Coman, Judy McElroy, Ryan Krushenick, Phil England, Michael Ficociello, and Katy McElroy. Leading up to the weekend we had filled rooms with garbage bags, loading them with a literal house-full of domestic clutter, and volunteers had taken truckloads of paper to recycling, metal to the scrapyard, including derelict exercise equipment and power tools. The storefront had been a residence for decades, then abandoned for years. There was a big mess to clean up, inside and out. On the outside we bucket-brigaded the old roof up the rock ledge the building is built over, cleaning up the tar shingles that had been left when the roof was replaced by prior owners. It was a dirty day. Myers donated two 30 cubic-yard dumpsters and both were filled. Pepsi gave us refreshments; we were glad for them.